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And here, on the other end of the spectrum, is Crass, one of the most essential bands of the UK Anarcho-Punk scene (though I’d also recommend Conflict, Flux of Pink Indians, Antisect, and my personal favorite, Subhumans).  Crass is one of those bands that’s remembered best for everything except their music.  Which is a shame, because I’ve never heard a Crass record that wasn’t a helluva lot of fun to listen to. 

Addendum: I remember reading an interview with Stza Crack, and he was asked whether he preferred Crass or The Clash.  It was a tough choice.  He finally admitted that he would have picked The Clash earlier in life (they were by far the superior band, musically speaking at least), but in terms of advancing the culture of Punk—the progressive politics, the DIY ethic, the anti-authoritarian and anti-commercial stance, et cetera—Crass wrote the fucking book.  Sometimes there is a lot more to music than just the music. 

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Posted on 23 October, 2011
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